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Bali Bhan
Entertainer with an International Flavor…
Helping the World Laugh at Itself !!!

It’s of little consequence that the bulk of my life has been spent in the world of math, science and engineering. However, comedy has always been an important part of me.
Indian American
Since childhood, I was blessed with the gift of making other people smile and laugh. We all know of a jolly uncle who’s always cracking jokes at parties, but they rarely take their humor outside of that casual venue. And that’s where I am different than those other “Uncles” – many of my friends have even been referring to me as “Sardar Seinfeld”, because of my many similarities with Jerry Seinfeld of America.
Both of us come from immigrant families, made our starts in New York City and both of us make people laugh. Although Jerry Seinfeld started his career as a stand-up comedian fresh out of college, and I decided to start this new career after my retirement in 2007.
First, I started performing as a stand-up comedian in clubs in New York City, Detroit, Dallas, Orlando, LA and other major cities in America. Then, in 2008, I was even fortunate enough to perform in my native country of India.
In addition to comedy, I am also an experienced motivational speaker and trainer – who can get the best out of others by making presentations simple, interesting and enjoyable. What makes me different is my clean humor and different appearance. People don’t expect someone with a turban and a beard to be so funny. In my shows I meld my Sikh identity and Indian background with an American life style, that I have enjoyed for the past forty years.
I don’t use profanity, and simply do what comes naturally, without hurting anyone’s feelings. My aim is to introduce the audiences to a full-blooded Sikh-American living in America.
If you like what you have read so far, please contact me @:
Cell: 734-735-6961 email: balibhan@gmail.com

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